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       It's 9 am and your marketer arrives at the office.  He has some ideas from his yesterday night's brainstorm to contribute to your new product development brainstorming process. Morover, he is now preparing to sort out a marketing campaign for the new product and got some insights from the analysis of previous campaign's data to talk in financial terms.


 Then he moves on to create the new web copy of your website's landing page.  He knows to figure out a content strategy and launch a killbill social marketing campaign.


And if your web developer takes a vaccation,he can do some html stuff also, so that your online presence doesn’t have to suffer.  What’s more he has good SEO knowledge too!


Would be great, isn’t it!  You already got lots of headaches and now you're feeling so good about the decision you made to hire him.  That feeling you get when you go to sleep after having the most amazing day...


“There are some traditional marketers that are lacking some newly defined skills.  It’s out in the open now that it takes a combination of marketing savvy, a solid understanding of data and a bit of technical know-how . . . These people aren’t a dime a dozen.” — Chris Parisi, vice president of technology, Bulldog Solutions


You also know how someone without relevant skills ,less passion and poor work ethic can make your time wasted.  The amount of time and money you spend on him…pooh...blown over the roof.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.I can remove your pain.


Let me introduce myself, I am Akhil,a Commerce graduate hailing from Kerala,who has been freelancing (mainly as an online copyeditor/copywriter) my way through for almost a year after graduation.  Hoping to make a bigger impact in this world, I kickstarted myself a skill development project by which I can provide abundant value to organizations and people in business.  You can read more about me at here&here.



I taught my skills all myself through practice, and by no means  stating am an expert.  I don’t wanna be a generalist, so I would like to state my core competency is in creating a killer copy.  I don’t want to make you set high expectations that would fade away slowly. Therefore I've tabled my skills and corresponding proficiency here.


But what I've GOT is the knowledge obtained from keenly studying marketing for about 2 years now and have access to resources from where I could distill knowledge. This is a big advantage over the "fresh graduate guy".I am sure that with the skills and the attitude I posses (which you'll find out more in this website) your ROI will be greater than expected,making me one of your all time best investments.









If you're still not convinced enough, am going to throw out a guarantee — if you think am not the guy who gives 100% inside the first 2 months, you can kick me out. And I will return 100% of your money invested in me +extra 10%  for the inconvenience caused .Is that clear enough?


Now please navigate to the "The Big Concerns" page to get surprised !



P.S: This is gonna be your best investment ever. Even if you're not thinking about hiring, mail me at,for I would love to make a new contact.




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"My job hunt campaign has officially ended and I've decided to go for an independent consulting career. I’ve removed the social sharing buttons to confirm this; but if you'd still like to share the page, I’ll be grateful!

You can check this link to know more  & also write to me at you! Carpe diem."

- Akhil MK

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I am so glad I worked with this young man. I will use him for all projects in the future. He was very knowledgeable and had an amazing work ethic. I particularly appreciated his problem solving skills and ability to work under time restraints. Very very pleased overall ”— Art Cathey,entrepreneur & dating guru at Ebook development)


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